2019: Onpoint’s Breakthrough Year

2019 goes down as a year filled with growth, innovative initiatives and industrial expertise. Our goal for 2019 was to provide customers with cutting edge technology and programs for the TAR industry. We are thrilled not only to have achieved that goal but also surpassed it with unprecedented expansions. Take a look at our proudest achievements of the year:

Premiere Materials Management Approach

With our Materials Management Program, we implement a rule-driven approach for adaptive relationship development in which rules drive and govern the process. This approach places much-needed guardrails around the materials management process, but also allows for flexible and adaptive changes when needed. We’re continually building upon our Materials Management Program with technologies such as TrackPoint. Our one-of-a-kind approach is unique to our organization, implementing a strategic process and tracking tool software to effectively receive, organize and distribute turnaround materials. Click to learn more about TrackPoint and our Materials Management Program.

Introducing our Remote Confined Space Monitoring: WatchPoint

In 2019, we worked diligently to create a system capable of remotely monitoring multiple confined spaces from a single location. WatchPoint’s wireless communication and simplified cabling allows the system to be deployed to nearly every confined space in a turnaround event. Providing visibility, transparency and control, WatchPoint creates a single, digital record of all confined space activity for the turnaround. At our WatchPoint Demo Day event, we led customers step-by-step through the process of WatchPoint, giving them an exclusive opportunity to experience our innovation firsthand. We’re proud to offer a technology qualified to deliver a transparent overview to owners, ultimately protecting against a multitude of risks and providing straightforward documentation. Learn how WatchPoint can work for your next project.

Customized Consulting Process

We’re proud to offer consultative services that make customization a priority. Onpoint works with customers to specifically design projects resulting in efficiency and optimization on all turnarounds and plant operations. Through the execution of a strategic, 6-step consulting process, we’re able to develop a plan of action ensuring all resources are implemented to achieve established goals. Our team is aware that no two jobs are identical, which is why we work to adapt and modify the process as needed. From Qualitative Scope Risk Analysis to a Post-Turnaround Critique, our 6-step consulting process works from start-to-finish with resources used properly to benefit not only the current turnaround but all to come. Want to learn more? Take an in-depth look at our strategies for optimizing turnarounds and maximizing efficiency.

The Latest and Greatest Turnaround Training Offerings

This year, we launched a new training course, the Fundamentals of Risk Management. In the program, our industry experts teach best practices and methodologies for proactively managing the numerous risk factors in turnarounds and capital projects. This training equips personnel with the skills needed to stay on schedule and reduce the likelihood of surprise events due to unmitigated risk factors. We’re proud to offer turnaround-specific training at our facility in Deer Park, or on-site at a company’s specified location. We offer training programs distinctively designed on a client-to-client basis. With over 500 industry professionals trained, we work to develop and deliver site-specific programs to ensure your personnel receives fit-for-purpose comprehensive training. Start the year strong–learn about our personalized training offerings today!

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