4 Big Things You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

Throughout 2019 we will be rolling out some game-changing new programs and technology for the TAR industry, and we’re excited to give you a preview of what’s to come.

Materials Management Implementation

First up, Onpoint is continuing to build on our Materials Management Program. Our unique approach to Materials Management implements a strategic process and tracking tool software to receive, organize and distribute turnaround materials. When we execute a successful materials management program, we can increase your productivity and reduce your costs, lessening craft time delays due to poor management of materials.

Trackpoint: Take Tracking to the Next Level

Our specially designed TrackPoint software uses a unique barcode identifier to monitor the procuring, tracking, receiving, storing and distributing of TAR materials. TrackPoint records the location of materials through every step of a turnaround, ensuring efficiency. Additionally, TrackPoint has the capability to record the company, user and date of materials as they are distributed and received. This means you will never again have to waste time tracking down materials and placing re-orders. Our Trackpoint software has wide-ranging implications for TAR efficiency, and we will be expanding on the technology in the months to come.

Safety Rental Equipment Program

There are many benefits to using rental equipment during turnarounds and capital projects. Renting industrial safety equipment gives you the opportunity to save on initial investments and eliminate the cost of ongoing ownership. In the past, a good portion of the equipment supplied by refineries was either returned damaged or not returned at all. When Onpoint is chosen to supply safety rental equipment, systems such as TrackPoint optimize the distribution and receiving process, saving you money.

Fundamentals of Risk Management Training Course

Another big thing you don’t want to miss this year is our newly launched training course, the Fundamentals of Risk Management. In this program, we teach industry best practices and methodologies for proactively managing the numerous risk factors in turnarounds and capital projects. The Fundamentals of Risk Management will equip your personnel with the skills needed to stay on schedule and reduces the likelihood of surprise events due to unmitigated risk factors. Register now!

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