Access Self-Paced Execution Coordinator Training Online

Last month we launched our digital training platform as we continue to uncover the best methods to pioneer the turnaround industry. Through this online training site, turnaround professionals can access courses at any time from any location, combatting restrictions for in-person courses due to COVID-19. To best provide continued professional development, we’re offering a completely digital Execution Coordinator training course available now at your fingertips. 

The value of a highly experienced and knowledgeable Execution Coordinator is critical to the successful completion of a turnaround or capital project. This course was strategically designed to prepare current Execution Coordinators for turnarounds, as well as any individual seeking to grow into that role. Through the online Execution Coordinator course, attendees will gain critical industry knowledge including best practices for coordination tasks and successful execution –– preparing them to finish projects on time and on budget. 

Within this advanced course lie key takeaways necessary to all in the role of Execution Coordinator. Attendees will learn tactics to boost proficiency and accelerate team mentality, ultimately supporting the workforce as a whole in addition to all stakeholders and overall turnaround success rates. The course will ensure individuals understand the correct usage of proven standards and protocols, along with the knowledge of how to effectively implement them to achieve key turnaround objectives. 

All Execution Coordinators must encompass the ability to effectively supervise contract personnel and their adherence to turnaround safety, schedule, productivity and quality standards. Additionally, it’s vital that Execution Coordinators successfully foster a culture of positive, sustainable relations with contractors while adhering to site ethics policies. Each of these elements is covered in depth throughout the course. 

By accessing this Execution Coordinator training course through our new digital platform, you and your organization gain access to world-class turnaround specific training from any location, eliminating travel-associated costs. Watch as your company and employees reap significant benefits and improvements in motivation, sense of ownership and performance among Execution Coordinators following course completion. Don’t hit the brakes on turnaround education while in-person training opportunities are unavailable. Take advantage of Onpoint’s online training platform today. Visit for more information.

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