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06/05 2018

June/July 2018

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In his article, “Saving The Titanic,” mar- itime historian Joseph Greely outlines a compelling solution for survival: “The Titanic could have been saved and 1,500 lives spared.” He notes many other ships in history have sustained damage equal to or greater than what the Titanic sustained, yet remained afloat. The overwhelming difference between the Titanic and the other ships was not design or construction quality but the other crews’ methodical response in controlling damage.

05/25 2018

Turnaround Training Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

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Undoubtedly, one of the most common and far-reaching wastes in our industry is lost opportunity stemming from ineffective adult training. It robs employees of both fulfillment and enrichment. And the effects of the lack of training penetrate in concentric circles throughout all the associated workflow processes. Training is the cornerstone supporting absolutely everything we do. It is an indispensable difference-maker that must be handled with the highest degree of excellence.

05/17 2018

Onpoint Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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HOUSTON, Texas—May 18, 2018—Onpoint Industrial Services, LLC proudly announces the promotion of Timothy Long to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Long joined Onpoint in 2012, first serving as Account Executive. From there, he held [...]

05/01 2018

May 2018

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Turnaround managers begin with bright hopes of safely performing the scope assigned in the time allotted for the cost agreed on. Occasionally, a turnaround comes along that seems to manage itself, while most seem only to mangle them- selves. One is not successful at managing turnarounds unless he or she is good at managing recovery. No one knows who said it first, but it is nonetheless true: “Stars shine best in darkness.” But bear in mind, a recovery plan is not always necessary. If the project is in the early stages of execution, recovery may occur naturally as productivity normalizes.