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02/06 2018

February 2018

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During the execution of a turnaround, the schedule is in a very real sense the checking account for the event. The schedule contains both financial and legal implica- tions and is the conduit through which depos- its and withdrawals are transacted every hour of every day. It is either the playbook creating team synergy or a book of riddles harboring a litany of waste and missed opportunities. It is either the main topic of discussion in team meetings and in the field or a catalyst for miscommunication.

01/15 2018

Enough Expertise To Go Around

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Turnarounds account for the single largest maintenance expense in a plant’s life cycle. These planned pauses in production allow for critical repairs, strategic upgrades, and non-routine maintenance to take place. But that’s not all. Turnarounds can also cut down on harmful emissions and restore a plant to peak performance, thus keeping the refinery in prime condition and ensuring production continues at the highest level. But without a trusted services partner this healthy break in production can suck the life out of your budget.