White Paper: Turnaround Workforce Transportation Logistics

Driving Efficiency with a Single-Source Shuttle System

transportation_IMG_0862-edit-1-72dpi.jpgDriving efficiency is one of the many topics addressed in Onpoint's new white paper, New Direction in Workforce Transportation.

Since shuttle buses can be filled to capacity with any and all workers, you have less traffic – up to a 40% reduction in the total number of worker transport vehicles – bringing greater safety and efficiency to the entire project. More tangible benefits to this strategy include:

  • Shuttle pickup zones throughout the lot minimize wait times and walking distance.
  • Any worker can board, so teams do not have to wait to be full before reaching the site.
  • Workers stay on tools longer without the distraction of other workers leaving early.
  • Everyone arrives and leaves at the same time, maximizing the workforce's hours.

View The Full White Paper Here

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