Turnaround Insights

08/23 2019

Utilizing Technology: Efficiently Managing Confined Space Hazards

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Last month, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Timothy Long, traveled to a conference in Austin to deliver a presentation on utilizing advancing technology, specifically focused on confined space hazards throughout turnarounds.  Advances in [...]

07/25 2019

Pitfalls That Cause Tail End Collapses

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A person deciding to pursue the exhilaration of human flight could step from the ledge of the 100-story John Hancock Building and enjoy about 8 seconds of bliss. Whether the flight is successful all depends on how well one controls the landing. Turnarounds often seem to be going nicely until you near the end of the project and discover it is quickly spiraling out of control. That last 5% can be all too illusive, often consuming far more man hours, project duration and budget than you ever forecasted. A poor finish can be negatively consequential to team confidence and to a team leader’s reputation.

07/23 2019

Onpoint Partners with CITGO to Raise Funds for MDA

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Are you familiar with our commitment to ongoing corporate social responsibility? We strive to participate in various philanthropic events supporting the community around us. In addition to the organizations we continually support, we frequently have [...]