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01/25 2019

‘Safety Meeting’ Is An Understatement

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Should we keep calling it a “safety meeting” when it is about so much more? Has the phrase been overused to the point of automatic boredom? Dr. John Medina, the bestselling author of “Brain Rules,” says, “Repeat to remember.” But Medina also says, “We don’t pay attention to boring things.” Unfortunately, people can hear about safety so often it becomes monotonous. Have you ever noticed how eyes glaze over and energy levels start sinking during many safety meetings? When one considers the cost of preparation, travel time to and from the meeting, and the salaries of attendees,we may be paying an awful lot of money for the privilege of people tuning us out. More importantly, if they are not focusing and remembering what was said, they still may be in just as much danger of having an accident.

12/27 2018

Materials Management Part Three

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For the final section of our three-part series, we will examine the various critical phases that make up a successful turnaround. Each phase includes necessary strategic methods and tools to ensure your turnaround is completed safely, on time and on budget. Tracking the following best practices for these phases and key performance indicators will help you measure your TAR’s overall efficiency.