Boost Turnaround Efficiency with TrackPoint


As capital projects and turnarounds continue to ramp up, it’s critical to ensure efficiency is maintained on a worksite. It’s our responsibility to provide effective turnaround support services, which is why our team explores new avenues in which we can provide benefits to our customers. Over the years, we’ve conducted extensive research around the topic of craft tool time and sought out to develop methods to increase productivity. We learned that on average, a complex turnaround event yields between 35 and 50 percent effective utilization of craft tool time. When we analyze the remaining 50-65 percent, it’s learned that the reactive materials management impact can be as high as 11 percent of lost time. As project owners and managers make the commitment to decrease that time, millions of dollars in budget savings come rolling in. 

To best contribute value and time to our customers through turnaround support services, we aim to establish innovative technology that identifies lost productivity and creates a solution to increase time on tools. One piece of technology we offer is TrackPoint, our digital custody transfer tool. This software and the processes that accompany it ensure that every material movement is tracked from receipt through kitting, staging and distribution. Our team crafted an intrinsically safe barcode scanner for use in process areas, providing real-time tracking tied to BOM, Job Package, or PO. TrackPoint uses a 3-shift look ahead to proactively identify materials needing to be staged and distributed. 

Additionally, TrackPoint generates real-time reports to show items received, outstanding and/or distributed, as well as a detailed post-turnaround materials management closeout report and improvement plan. Plus, when it comes to safety gear, every harness, respirator, monitor and radio is issued and returned using TrackPoint’s digital scanning system, allowing our team to provide transparency to contractors and owners on the status of rental equipment.

At the end of a turnaround, the last thing project owners want to deal with are missing materials. When projects utilize TrackPoint, materials distribution is tracked by contractor, employee, date and time, helping to avoid the unnecessary expense for lost equipment. We added TrackPoint to our extensive list of turnaround support services to ensure our customer’s projects and turnarounds remain on time and on budget. 

To boost turnaround efficiency, partner with Onpoint, the independent craft that looks out for you. For more information on TrackPoint visit our website at

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