Building your Trained and Qualified Materials Management Team

Successful project outcomes are determined by the teams responsible for executing th­e work, and mistakenly hiring unqualified or inexperienced personnel is not a risk you want to take. This is why we focus on training and developing qualified people to handle each and every task of your turnaround. One component of our Materials Management Program is to provide a trained and qualified Materials Management Team. The key positions needed to successfully execute our Materials Management Program are the Materials Manager, Materials Planner, Buyer/Requisitioner, Warehouse Coordinator and Materials Coordinator.

The Onpoint Materials Management Team is integrated with the Turnaround Management Team and assumes responsibility for all materials management activities from pre-turnaround to post-turnaround. All team members are qualified using Onpoint’s EQSP® process and are trained in Onpoint’s Materials Management Program process.

Depending on how we engage with our client, the team may perform all or some of the following tasks using Onpoint’s Materials Management Program process and proprietary TrackPoint supporting software.

  1.     Materials planning
  2.     Materials requisitioning, procurement and expediting
  3.     Organizing the TAR warehouse and lay down areas
  4.     Receiving and kitting materials
  5.     Manage materials trailers
  6.     Distributing materials to contractors
  7.     Manage materials for field change orders
  8.     Post-turnaround inventory and closeout

The effectiveness of your personnel impacts the overall success of any project, and this is especially true when it comes to managing your TAR materials. Each component of Onpoint’s Materials Management Program has been designed to increase efficiency and maximize craft time, which impacts your overall bottom line. To learn more about engaging our Materials Management Program on your next turnaround or capital project, call 1-800-630-1347.

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