Turnaround Insights

10/18 2018

How a Superior Materials Management Process Impacts your Bottom Line

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We know through extensive industry research that, on average, a complex turnaround event yields between 33 and 40 percent of effective utilization of craft tool time. When we analyze that remaining 60-67 percent, the reactive [...]

10/05 2018

Onpoint Revolutionizes Your Materials Management Organizational Structure

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A typical turnaround experiences the following materials management disorganization throughout the project: Disorganized and disjointed team Ineffective and reactive culture Team members are supplied by multiple contractors independent of each other Forward planning is minimal [...]

09/22 2018

Introducing TrackPoint: Our Technology Solution for Superior Materials Management

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Let’s talk technology. Onpoint has always embraced the value of innovation through technological advances, while also taking the approach that knowledge and experience should influence our technology decisions. We believe our Onpoint personnel make the [...]

09/17 2018

Project Highlight: LyondellBasell Industries

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Onpoint is looking forward to starting another turnaround project with LyondellBasell Industries, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world. We have been selected to provide resource transportation, safety professionals, safety [...]

09/12 2018

Building your Trained and Qualified Materials Management Team

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Successful project outcomes are determined by the teams responsible for executing th­e work, and mistakenly hiring unqualified or inexperienced personnel is not a risk you want to take. This is why we focus on training [...]