Turnaround Insights

10/22 2019

WatchPoint: Onpoint’s Innovative Confined Space Monitoring System

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While developing our confined space monitoring system, WatchPoint, our team uncovered many benefits this technology will provide. WatchPoint delivers a transparent overview to owners, ultimately protecting against a multitude of risks and providing straightforward documentation. [...]

10/04 2019

Customization is Key to Onpoint’s Turnaround Consulting Services

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At Onpoint, we’re proud to offer some of the best consultative services in our industry. With customization at the forefront of our consulting process, we work with customers to specifically design projects resulting in efficiency [...]

09/25 2019

Strategies for Optimizing Turnarounds and Maximizing Efficiency

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At Onpoint, we offer industry-leading consulting services specifically designed to make client projects more efficient all while optimizing turnarounds. From Qualitative Scope Risk Assessment to a Post-Turnaround Critique, our 6-step consulting process works from start-to-finish [...]

08/23 2019

Utilizing Technology: Efficiently Managing Confined Space Hazards

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Last month, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Timothy Long, traveled to a conference in Austin to deliver a presentation on utilizing advancing technology, specifically focused on confined space hazards throughout turnarounds.  Advances in [...]