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05/15 2020

The Art Of Anticipation: Why Accidents Are Preventable

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Any other culture invites compromise and equivocation. When we think about any other critical rule we have in place, we set forth the expectation of one- hundred percent compliance—safety should be no different—all accidents are preventable.

11/18 2019

Changing the Turnaround Paradigm

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How does a gradual approach compromise the improvement process? When two or three fixes are implemented while the other problem areas are still negatively impacting turnaround performance, the remedies may be seen as ineffective. Infatuation with the solutions is diminished causing partial or whole abandonment.

10/31 2019

6 Irrefutable Laws Of Turnaround Management

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At Onpoint, we strive to consistently improve all aspects of our organization—from training classes to skilled & knowledgeable employees; each year new standards must be met. Turnaround management and planning changes as new technology is developed, but these six irrefutable laws serve as a good reminder that while we’re certainly improving our turnaround performance, we still face the inevitable challenges that come with unpredictability.

07/25 2019

Pitfalls That Cause Tail End Collapses

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A person deciding to pursue the exhilaration of human flight could step from the ledge of the 100-story John Hancock Building and enjoy about 8 seconds of bliss. Whether the flight is successful all depends on how well one controls the landing. Turnarounds often seem to be going nicely until you near the end of the project and discover it is quickly spiraling out of control. That last 5% can be all too illusive, often consuming far more man hours, project duration and budget than you ever forecasted. A poor finish can be negatively consequential to team confidence and to a team leader’s reputation.

03/27 2019

10 Movable Hurdles For Easier Cost Control

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Most turnaround organizations are frustrated by inconsistent, incomplete or altogether incorrect cost analysis, cost reporting and cost controlling. How is it possible we could land men on the moon and bring them back safely with less technology than contained in a modern smart phone, but with all our state-of-the-art analytics, we can’t forecast the cost of a turnaround we have done many times before?

Onpoint Industrial Services Deemed Essential Business

Onpoint Industrial Services is considered an essential business under the recently issued Stay-at-Home order. Onpoint will continue to serve our customers, but with heightened precautions and protocols protecting the health of our employees.

For more information on our response to COVID-19 and the Stay-at-Home order, click here.