Comprehensive Logistics Planning & Services Reduce Your Turnaround Cost

The logistical components of executing turnarounds and capital projects require an immense amount of planning. And while project managers are responsible for ensuring all aspects of a turnaround run smoothly, their attention is often focused on high-level performance tasks.

So, what happens when project managers aren’t able to shift attention to site logistics? Decreased efficiency, longer project time, safety hazards and unexpected costs are all potential outcomes. Think about it – are you willing to risk an unwanted and unneeded cost simply because you didn’t outsource logistics? Labor-related services and logistics are nothing new to turnarounds, so why risk efficiency and budget by not planning for those services in advance?

When you choose Onpoint for your logistics planning needs, we take control of the critical components that set your project up for success. For example, we stage the location of lunch tents, wash areas and toilet facilities. We handle parking lot design, which includes the development of a traffic pattern for the plant. We will set the location of light plants, establish a flow of foot traffic, set up a turnstile location for workers to clock in plus any other component critical to the planning process. Having these key logistical needs in place will dramatically increase the efficiency of your turnaround.

Onpoint also offers a turnkey option that includes enhanced site logistics services. Our services package includes drinking water distribution, flaggers, spotters and escorts, workforce transportation, road/walk maintenance, dust control, trash services, light equipment operators and storm water prevention. By providing the planning for all these services, we keep projects moving quickly and efficiently, all while increasing craft time.

Whether you’re looking to increase efficiency in the planning stage, during your turnaround or capital project, or throughout the entire process, Onpoint has you covered. We help remove this additional pressure from project staff, allowing the core, critical-path activities to be given undivided attention. When those tasks are properly handled, it results in improved turnaround and capital project performance.

At Onpoint, we’ve successfully executed over 2.8 million contractor transports and movements for turnarounds and capital projects. So, let your core staff focus on the demanding tasks while we execute logistics work effectively and economically. There’s no better way to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

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