Customization is Key to Onpoint’s Turnaround Consulting Services

At Onpoint, we’re proud to offer some of the best consultative services in our industry. With customization at the forefront of our consulting process, we work with customers to specifically design projects resulting in efficiency and optimization on all turnarounds and plant operations.

Our 6-step consulting process includes the following services:

  1.   Qualitative Scope Risk Assessment
  2.   Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis
  3.   Turnaround Readiness Review
  4.   Schedule Quality Check
  5.   Constructability Review
  6.   Post-Turnaround Critique

While all of these steps are applicable to a vast range of client projects, we work diligently to adapt and modify the process, developing a plan of action that ensures all resources are implemented to achieve established goals. 

Additionally, we offer training programs distinctively designed on a client-to-client basis. With over 500 industry professionals trained, we work to develop and deliver site-specific programs to ensure your personnel receives fit-for-purpose comprehensive training. We’re proud to offer on-site classes customized for your specific processes and standards. Click here for more information on our personalized training offerings. 

If you’re looking to partner with an industry leader committed to developing unique strategies and turnaround-specific curricula for your team, contact us at 1-800-630-1347.

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