November 04, 2019 - November 05, 2019 (2 Day Course)
8:00am - 5:00pm CT
Project Controls Training Center
17629 El Camino Real #105
Houston, Texas 77058

The newest course from Onpoint, the industry leader in turnaround specific training, is our Fundamentals of Risk Management. This two-day course provides industry best practices and methodologies for proactively managing the numerous risk factors present in all turnarounds and capital projects. The outcome is projects that are more able to stay on schedule and reduce the likelihood of surprise events due to risk factors. Our subject matter experts are now teaching this course on-site or at our Houston training facility.

Course Objectives:

  • Achieve a Clearer Understanding of Risk Principles
  • Achieve a Clearer Understanding of Risk Terminology
  • Be Able To Apply Risk Identification Techniques
  • Know How To Better Participate in Risk Management/Mitigation

  • Gain Familiarity with Risk Definitions
  • Understand the Risk Flow Process
  • Review Questions
  • Gain Familiarity with Types of Risks
  • Gain Understanding of the Appropriate Risk Response
  • Review Questions
  • Understand How To Identify Risk
  • Understand Impacts of Poor Risk Identification
  • Understand How To Formulate Risk Statements
  • Review Questions
  • Understand Basis of Deterministic Values
  • Understand Basis of 3-Point Values
  • Review Questions
  • Scope Selection/Prioritization Risk Matrix
  • Review Questions
  • Risk Register Population and Management
  • Risk Assignment, Tracking and Resolution
  • Review Questions
  • Primavera Schedule Check
  • Schedule Types
  • Primavera Risk Analysis Risk Methodology
  • Establishing 3-point Estimates
  • Review Questions
  • Purpose of Risk Workshop
  • Elements and Structure of Risk Workshop
  • Workshop Agenda
  • Review Questions
  • Contracting Policy Elements
  • Overall Risk Management Process
  • Contract Types
  • Review Questions
  • Types of Risk Assessment Tools
  • Functions of Risk Assessment Tools
  • How Monte Carlo Simulations Work
  • Overview of How Risk Tools Work
  • Review Questions
Fundamentals of Risk Management
Fundamentals of Risk Management

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