Improve Turnaround Hiring with EQSP

When it comes to understanding our industry from the owners’ perspective, we get it. In fact, we sat on your side of the desk for decades. That’s why in 2009 we developed our Employee Qualification Selection Process (EQSP) to consistently exceed your expectations when it comes to providing project controls and support staff for your turnarounds and projects.

Because of our industry knowledge, we developed a proven approach to finding, qualifying and providing the most qualified personnel for our clients. With our EQSP, we comprehensively pre-screen each candidate through testing and evaluating for required hard skills. Then, our management team qualifies and matches candidates to each specific position and customer, offering you top-notch considerations.

Every turnaround organization has its own culture and unique circumstances. Just matching hard skills doesn’t address all the factors that determine the success of an employee. Soft skills and fit affect your team’s performance just as much. We build relationships with our customers in a manner that helps us to better understand your needs and which candidates will best fit your company culture.

EQSP means you can get quality support personnel through a process that is designed and proven to produce better results, while also reducing the stress of hiring. Candidates submitted to you are better qualified, not only by industry standards, but exclusively to your job-specific requirements. Our employees know when they go to a new assignment, they are walking into a situation that fits them. The results? A higher success ratio, happy customers and happy employees.

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