Let’s talk technology. Onpoint has always embraced the value of innovation through technological advances, while also taking the approach that knowledge and experience should influence our technology decisions.

We believe our Onpoint personnel make the difference on a job site thanks to our advanced training and experience, and we don’t take that for granted. For example, does a specific project management software program make someone a better scheduler? No, it does not. But it does make a good scheduler more effective. This is why we start with a solid foundation – our people – and build technology solutions to increase our impact while on the job. TrackPoint, our proprietary Materials Management Software, will do just that.  

In last month’s newsletter, I shared Onpoint’s approach to increasing TAR efficiency through our Materials Management Program. TrackPoint is our intrinsically-safe software system designed specifically for procuring, tracking, receiving, staging and distributing materials for turnarounds.

We know that rental equipment can be difficult to track and manage during turnarounds. So, in an effort to save time and reduce costs, we’ve also adapted TrackPoint to combat this specific issue in our safety rental line of business. For example, all equipment, safety gear, radios, etc., will be issued and returned using a digital scanning system, allowing us to provide transparency to contractors and owners on the status of rental equipment. This ensures that all distributed equipment is properly returned and accounted for.

Key Features of TrackPoint

  • Proprietary TrackPoint software and processes ensure material is ordered, received, tracked and distributed
  • Real time tracking via barcode tied to BOM/Job Package/PO
  • Utilize 3 shift look ahead to stage and distribute materials as needed
  • Real time reports to show items received, outstanding and distributed
  • Materials distribution tracked by contractor, employee, date and time
  • Facilitates a detailed post-turnaround materials management closeout report and improvement plan

We are looking forward to introducing our customers to the many ways we are working to improve TAR efficiency, and TrackPoint plays an essential role in that process. To learn more about how TrackPoint can work for you, reach out to our sales team today.

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