Leading Isn’t Easy

Many people think being a leader of a company is about getting all the rewards and credit, and living the high life. In short, it’s viewed as “easy” and something most people want. The reality is that being a leader is quite the opposite. It’s difficult, stressful, pressure-filled and a ton of responsibility. Most of all, both getting to and staying in that position takes a lot of hard work. And, often, it takes years and even decades to get there.

There is a saying that goes, “it takes 10 years to become an overnight success.” There is a great deal of truth to that. If most people were honest with themselves, they’d admit they don’t want to undertake the work necessary to be the leader of a company. It’s really hard. 

Now, imagine leading an industry. 

Blazing a Trail

Not only did our founders blaze new trails in turnaround management services for the benefit of oil & gas refineries, but we’ve continued to add cutting edge services and technology that push the industry forward, improving it for everyone involved. Take TrackPoint and WatchPoint as two examples. Onpoint has forged ahead, creating better ways to track materials and monitor safety and performance on a job site. These trailblazing innovations helped secure our place as the industry’s #1 source for a specialized flex workforce, safety services, workforce transportation, site logistics and more. 

Staying Power

Maintaining a position of industry leadership requires active engagement–especially in the form of constant improvement. At Onpoint, that meant looking at current inefficiencies and developing active solutions. This brings me to our Materials Management Program. One of the most common mistakes committed by turnaround managers is to underestimate the sheer complexity of logistics and materials management, leaving both the schedule and budget at a higher risk of overrun. A successfully executed materials management program, however, increases your organization’s productivity, reduces costs and lessens craft time delays that can occur as a result of poor planning and execution. 

Developing cutting-edge programs such as this, coupled with proprietary technology, has meant the difference between maintaining our leadership position and lagging behind. 

What’s Next

Onpoint will continue to lead the way in turnarounds for personnel, training, accountability and thought leadership. Take a moment to review our latest course: Fundamentals of Cost Management This training assists everyone who plays a role in managing turnaround budgets, including managers and the Cost Control Role. We cover industry best practices and methodologies for estimating cost and managing the budget for turnarounds and capital projects. 

If you’re interested in putting Onpoint to work on your next project, we should talk. Click here to get in touch with us today.

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