Meet Liz Crow

When Liz Crow joined the Onpoint Industrial Services team as CEO last year, she quickly identified Onpoint’s well-developed processes and talented personnel as the company’s keys to successful growth in the future.

“I am really excited about what the Onpoint team has to offer. I have found there’s a really talented team here… there’s a lot to work with both in terms of people and processes and there’s a huge opportunity (not only) right here in Houston, but also throughout the country to grow our service lines and add new customers to the base.”

As an industry pioneer, Onpoint Industrial Services remains on the cutting edge of innovation by integrating emerging technology with time-tested methods that have developed from decades of experience.  With this in mind, Liz plans to look for new ways Onpoint can integrate technology in a variety of settings, which will ultimately translate into meaningful value for Onpoint clients.

“At Onpoint we are very excited to start improving our use of technology in the way that we provide services.  Whether that is going to be with using tablets for a new behavior-based safety system or whether it’s deploying technology to improve the way we provide safety attendant services… we will be working toward that in the next couple of years.”

For a more in-depth look at Onpoint Industrial Services CEO, watch Liz Crow’s complete profile video above!

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