August 2018
Onpoint Reduces Lost Productivity Due to Poor Materials Management
At Onpoint, we believe that experience is the best teacher. For this reason, we consistently leverage our decades of experience to develop innovative solutions for the most common reasons that turnarounds go over budget. Take materials management as an example — anyone who’s been responsible for executing a turnaround recognizes that purchasing, storing and tracking the necessary materials to do the job can be an overwhelmingly difficult piece of the turnaround puzzle.

The negative impact of inefficiently managing your materials directly affects your ability to sustainably predict project schedules and budget outcomes. Did you know that on a single shift of a complex turnaround, one hour and six minutes for each direct labor worker is lost due to poor materials management? Craft workers often spend this time hunting down or waiting for the materials they need to get the job done.
Liz (Crow) Clark
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Training: Book On-site Training Classes Today

At Onpoint, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best personnel training in the industry. Our groundbreaking training programs include Fundamentals of Turnaround Management, Primavera P6 V.16 Software Training, Execution Coordinator Training and Fundamentals of Risk Management. All courses can be taken in our Houston Training Center or on-site at your facility. Onpoint offers customization options to best fit your organization’s specific processes and standards. If you’re interested in Onpoint’s on-site training courses for your personnel, click below to learn more and book your class today.

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Blog: Comprehensive Logistics Planning Reduces Your Turnaround Cost

The logistical components of executing turnarounds and capital projects require an immense amount of planning. And while project managers are responsible for ensuring all pieces of the turnaround puzzle run smoothly, their attention is often focused on high-level performance tasks. So, what happens when project managers aren’t able to shift attention to site logistics? Decreased efficiency, longer project time, safety hazards and unexpected costs are all potential outcomes. Think about it – are you willing to risk [...]


Video: Get to Know Jeff Krieger

Have you had the chance to meet one of our Account Managers, Jeff Krieger? Jeff’s leadership and expertise is crucial to our company’s ability to maintain relationships with our clients, and we want all customers to have the opportunity to learn more about him! Click below to learn more about Jeff Krieger.

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Events: Onpoint Presents at San Antonio Conference

Our sales team traveled to San Antonio to attend the 10th Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference. Don Francis, our Director of TAR Services, gave a presentation on the utilization of practices to mitigate and control negative cost duration impacts of materials management. We left the conference with new relationships and strong confirmation that Onpoint’s services are needed now more than ever in our industry. We’re looking forward to next year!


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