May 2018
The ROI of Turnaround Training
Everyone in the oil and gas industry understands that turnarounds are one of the biggest events in the life of a refinery and chemical plant. The size and complexity coupled with the immense number of man hours required for planning, scheduling and execution are two of the reasons our clients look to Onpoint. We pride ourselves on providing the very best turnaround personnel, safety services and workforce transportation because we know, just like you, that working safely and coming in on time and on budget is the goal. But, one area that often gets overlooked is turnaround specific training, even though the return on investment has been clearly demonstrated. Logically, when your in-house team is more knowledgeable and equipped to more effectively support your turnarounds, you’re going to experience better results. Onpoint offers industry leading courses across all aspects of turnarounds that have helped many of today’s best turnaround managers, planners, schedulers and execution coordinators advance their careers. From Fundamentals of Turnaround Management to Primavera courses, to our new Execution Coordinator course, Onpoint is the go-to for turnaround training either in our training facility or on-site at your location. Click below to learn more about our training courses and history leading the industry in turnaround training.
Elizabeth Crow
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Training: Onpoint Launches Execution Coordinator Training

The value of an Execution Coordinator during turnarounds and capital projects is higher than ever, which is why Onpoint has released the latest addition to our catalog of turnaround specific curricula — Execution Coordinator Training. Click to learn more about this new course.


News: Onpoint Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Onpoint Industrial Services, LLC proudly announces the promotion of Timothy Long to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Long joined Onpoint in 2012, first serving as Account Executive. From there, he held the roles of Business Development Manager and Director of Business Development before being promoted [...]


Photos: Special Olympics Texas Gulf Coast Spring Games 2018

Onpoint continued its long-standing partnership with Special Olympics Texas through participation in the 2018 Gulf Coast Spring Games. The games took place Saturday, May 5 and served to further Special Olympics Texas' mission of support and competitive growth for athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities. Onpoint serves as a presenting sponsor for the Gulf Coast Spring Games, in addition to providing a team of on-site volunteers.

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White Paper: Turnaround Training Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

Undoubtedly, one of the most common and far-reaching wastes in our industry is lost opportunity stemming from ineffective adult training. It robs employees of both fulfillment and enrichment. And the effects of the lack of training penetrate in concentric circles throughout all the associated workflow processes. Training is the cornerstone supporting absolutely everything we do. It is an indispensable difference-maker that must be handled with the highest degree of excellence. Accidents, miscalculations, inefficiencies, confusion [...]


Article: Improving Turnaround Recovery

Turnaround managers begin with bright hopes of safely performing the scope assigned in the time allotted for the cost agreed on. Occasionally, a turnaround comes along that seems to manage itself, while most seem only to mangle themselves. One is not successful at managing turnarounds unless he or she is good at managing recovery. No one knows who said it first, but it is nonetheless true: "Stars shine best in darkness." But bear in mind, a recovery plan is not always necessary. If the project is in the early stages of execution, recovery may occur [...]

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