Improving Turnarounds through Materials Management
History will never forget the name George S. Patton. This World War II superhero was the combat general who charged into Sicily, swept across France like a tidal wave and blazed through Germany, capturing 10,000 square miles of enemy territory in just 10 short days! He was the Nazis’ worst nightmare. Much is known of his military genius and bravery, but what is little known is that the heart of his strategy was materials and logistics. He once remarked, “Gentlemen, the officer who doesn’t know his communications and supply as well as his tactics is totally useless.” In other words, supplies and success are inseparable.
Arthur Davidson
Director of Training/SME
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Infographic: TrackPoint: Our Technology Solution For Superior Materials Management

We know that equipment can be nearly impossible to track and manage during turnarounds. So, in an effort to save time and reduce costs, we’ve adapted our TrackPoint technology to combat this specific issue. When implementing TrackPoint software, all materials will be issued, tracked and returned using a digital scanning system, allowing us to provide transparency to contractors and owners, and to ensure that all distributed equipment is accurately accounted for at all times.

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Blog: Where Does the Turnaround Time Go?

Did you know emerging industry research shows that throughout the life cycle of a project turnaround, only 33-45 percent of each work hour is spent on task? Approximately one-half to two-thirds of each day is spent on unproductive tasks. In today’s world of supersized turnarounds that can cost $100 million or more, improving the productivity level by two or three percent would add up, compounding savings of millions of dollars. It only makes sense to take a closer look at overall project efficiency. But, this uncovering of costs can be a difficult prospect to wrap your head around. After all, where do you start? Where does all the time go?


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