October 2018  
  How a Superior Materials Management Process Impacts your Bottom Line  
  We know through extensive industry research that, on average, a complex turnaround event yields between 33 and 40 percent of effective utilization of craft tool time. When we analyze that remaining 60-67 percent, the reactive materials management impact can be as high as 11 percent. Reducing that 11 percent even a couple of percentage points can add up to millions of dollars in budget savings.

Here’s an example of that breakdown:

On an $86 million turnaround event, the craft time lost due to poor materials management adds up to $9,460,000. The direct and indirect cost impact totals approximately $13.1 million.*
  Liz (Crow) Clark
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  White Paper: Materials Management Part Two

In developing our materials management methodology, the most important element of the process is sustainability. If you can’t support and repeat the process with each event, allowing for only minor changes, then the process will fail. One methodology we propose is a rule-driven approach for adaptive relationship development in which rules drive and govern the [...]

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  Blog: Materials Management Organizational Structure

In an ideal environment, each team member has a job description with detailed roles and responsibilities. These team members are experienced, understand their job duties and expectations, and are accountable to these standards. Lastly, team members are trained in optimal materials management processes and supporting software [...]


  News: 3rd Annual Valero Sporting Clay Classic for Scouts

The 3rd Annual Valero Sporting Clay Classic for Scouts was held on Friday, September 27, 2018 at Camp Don Harrington in Amarillo, TX hosted by Scouting Executive Director, Phil Shipley, and the staff of the Golden Spread Council of the Boy Scouts of America. We had a great event again this year! A total of $104,000 was raised [...]


  Blog: Secrets to Success that Make all the Difference

Sometimes there is only one degree difference between first and second place. Turnaround teams often look very similar to each other but go on to achieve very different results. In the case of water, there is only a one degree difference between 211 and 212, but what a difference one degree makes! At 211, all you have is hot water, but at 212, steam is generated, allowing locomotives [...]


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