2019: Onpoint’s Breakthrough Year

2019 goes down as a year filled with growth, innovative initiatives and industrial expertise. Our goal for 2019 was to provide customers with cutting edge technology and programs for the TAR industry. We are thrilled not only to have achieved that goal but also surpassed it with unprecedented expansions. Take a look at our proudest achievements of the year [...]

  Liz Clark


Blog: Onpoint HQ Relocates to Deer Park in 2020

Beginning in January 2020, Onpoint’s headquarter facilities will be relocated from Dayton to Deer Park. 2019 has been a year of exceptional growth for Onpoint, leading to company-wide expansion. This relocation allows for more opportunities in our industry, placing our headquarters [...]

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Chad Robl Promoted to Executive Vice President, Operations

We’re thrilled to announce the promotion of Chad Robl to Executive Vice President, Operations. In addition to his current role, Chad will take on responsibility for our new technology line, WatchPoint, and a newly consolidated Professional Services business line, including [...]



Onpoint Completes 1 Million Safe Man Hours in 2019

At Onpoint, safety is the core of our culture. Our daily goal is to create a work atmosphere focused on delivering excellent service and a safe environment. It’s because of this dedication that we can proudly announce our 2019 achievement of successfully completing 1.3 million safe man hours with no recordable or lost-time injuries, bringing our company total to 3+ million successfully completed safe man hours [...]


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