How Onpoint Revolutionized Plant Safety with WatchPoint

Providing safety to our employees on job sites has always been a focus for Onpoint. Incorporating tactics such as CheckPoint and routine staff meetings help keep safety top-of-mind for our employees. But, at Onpoint we're committed to raising the bar and extending safety measures and procedures far beyond preventative measures-leading us to create an innovative technology that truly revolutionizes plant safety.

WatchPoint is our confined space monitoring system that delivers a transparent overview to owners, ultimately protecting against a multitude of risks and providing straightforward documentation. WatchPoint creates a single version of the truth by providing remote monitoring from one, single location in full compliance with OSHA Standard 1910.146 for Permit-Required Spaces.

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News: Onpoint Deemed an Essential Business

In an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19 in our state and country, certain officials have issued Stay-at-Home and Shelter in Place orders. Amid this pandemic, Onpoint is considered an essential business as we support key infrastructures in the refining, chemical, critical manufacturing and energy sectors.

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Blog: Why Turnarounds Remain Unpredictable

When the world's greatest athlete left basketball and pursued baseball, some wondered, "What in the world is he thinking?" Others confidently assumed his competitive nature would propel him to fame in baseball as well. With the right determination, coaching and training, one can excel at anything, right? After a full year of 6 a.m. batting lessons, Michael Jordan had improved, but only enough to describe himself [...]


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