Turnaround Service Offerings Fit for Every Project

At Onpoint we pride ourselves on having developed a unique set of industrial services structured to help customers manage turnarounds. This optimization is achieved by focusing on reducing craft time delays and improving safety performance. In an effort to provide simplicity to our customers, we’ve broken down our extensive list of services to best suit turnaround and project needs [...]

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Onpoint's Premier Training Courses: 2020 Course Schedule

With over 500 industry professionals trained, Onpoint is the top provider of turnaround-specific curriculums. We’re proud to offer turnaround specific training at our Houston Training Center or on-site at your facility. Additionally, we are capable of customizing classes for specific processes and standards.

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White Paper: Techniques to Effectively Manage Turnaround Fatigue

Turnarounds are notorious for resulting in exhaustion due to the immensity of a task needing to be accomplished in such a short window of time. Those who study turnarounds noticed very early the substantial impact of fatigue. Safety, productivity [...]



Come See Onpoint’s New Deer Park Headquarters

Click below to check out photos of our new Headquarters in Deer Park, Texas. We invite you to come by and visit us. Onpoint is growing and we’re excited about what 2020 has in store!

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Onpoint: The Independent Craft That Looks Out for You

We’re eager to kick off 2020 with a focus on being the independent craft that looks out for you. But, what does that mean exactly? We understand that every refinery staff member loses a considerable amount of their productive time each day. This lost time means lost money and schedule adherence. Onpoint’s goal is to provide a unique set of services to help owners effectively execute turnarounds by focusing on the reduction of craft time delays and improving safety performance. With Onpoint, owners have the ability to let their craftsmen focus solely on their craft, leaving the rest to our team. We leverage our expertise in Safety and Logistics, Turnaround Management and Workforce Transportation, functioning as the independent craft that looks out for you. You can learn more about our comprehensive array of services that help increase productivity by reducing lost craft time on our new website at onpoint-us.com.

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