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We’re the Independent Craft That Looks Out for You

You’ve depended on us for decades. Our turnaround optimization services have revolutionized our industry, and now we’ve advanced to serve as the independent craft that looks out for you. Our team has developed a unique set of industrial services perfectly suited to help you best manage turnarounds with a distinct focus on the reduction of craft time delays. By leveraging our expertise in fields like Safety and Logistics, Turnaround Management and Workforce Transportation, we’re able to empower your craftsmen to focus solely on their craft, with no wasted time.

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Onpoint’s New Deer Park Training Facility 

Following our transition to Deer Park in January, we’re thrilled to announce our new training facility is now complete at the Deer Park HQ. This indoor facility was established to test the same safety guidelines as our former outdoor facility in Dayton. In this facility, workers are educated on proper procedures to safely tie-off and climb ladders and traverse units  [...]



WatchPoint Prevents Deadly Real-World Incidents

Since its release last year, we’ve given you an in-depth look at how our confined space monitoring system, WatchPoint, functions, even inviting many customers to join us for an in-person demonstration. As turnaround safety professionals, we designed WatchPoint to monitor multiple confined spaces from a single location using simplified cabling, permitting the deployment of WatchPoint [...]



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