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As capital projects and turnarounds continue to ramp up, it’s critical to ensure efficiency is maintained on a worksite. It’s our responsibility to provide effective turnaround support services, which is why our team explores new avenues in which we can provide benefits to our customers. Over the years, we’ve conducted extensive research around the topic of craft tool time and sought out to develop methods to increase productivity. We learned that on average, a complex turnaround event yields between 35 and 50 percent effective utilization of craft tool time. When we analyze the remaining 50-65 percent, it’s learned that the reactive materials management impact can be as high as 11 percent of lost time. As project owners and managers make the commitment to decrease that time, millions of dollars in budget savings come rolling in. 

  Liz Clark


News: Onpoint Awarded Bright Star Award from LyondellBasell

Recently, Onpoint Industrial Services was presented the Bright Star Award from LyondellBasell at the annual CEO Safety Conference. The award was presented to our CEO, Liz Clark, and our VP of Sales and Marketing, Timothy Long, by Bob Patel, CEO LyondellBasell, and Dan Coombs, SVP Manufacturing, LyondellBasell [...]

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Blog: Optimize Site Logistics in the Summer Months with Onpoint

The summer months have arrived, as have an increased amount of turnarounds and projects. Throughout these months, it’s critical to optimize site logistics including drinking water distribution, traffic patterns and strategically placed lunch tents to dramatically increase the efficiency of your turnaround [...]



Training: Onpoint’s Latest Training Technology Coming Soon!

As a top provider of turnaround training in our industry, we’re continually working to create innovative methods of delivering critical information to those who will pioneer our industry for years to come. Originally, our approach to courses and training were executed in-person and on-site. But, as times and technology change [...]



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