Increase Time on Tools with Optimized Workforce Transportation

Onpoint leads the turnaround industry in numerous ways. Our experience is a clear depiction of our commitment to safe and high performing turnarounds. After all, we work as the independent craft that looks out for you—this means doing everything in our power to increase time on tools for craftsmen and save you money. But, in order to effectively execute turnarounds, project owners and managers need a qualified crew safely transported to and from the worksite.

  Liz Clark


Onpoint Offers Additional Services in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

We are committed to providing additional labor to projects and refinery owners to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our established procedures and services are designed to go the extra mile to keep surfaces sanitized and ensure a safe and healthy environment for our customers’ employees. Learn more about how Onpoint can help you instill confidence in your employees and keep your project on time and on budget.

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Reserve Your Spot for Onpoint Training Summer Courses

Now is the time to reserve spots for your turnaround team in any of Onpoint’s industry leading training courses. This summer we will be holding sessions for all of our courses including Fundamentals of Turnaround Management, Utilizing Primavera for Turnarounds, Execution Coordinator and Fundamentals of Cost Management. Sign up today!

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Invest in Turnaround Scheduling for a Big Payoff

In our industry, there will always be a great payoff for investing in scheduling. It is curious to watch various companies in various industries who have not yet ascertained the potential value of their return on scheduling. Others figured out years or even decades ago that the true currency of turnarounds is not dollars, but hours. It is true you only have a limited supply of dollars to spend, but it is hours spent that most [...]

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