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As the independent craft that looks out for you, we’re working to navigate COVID-19 to best protect our customers and employees. We’ve implemented thorough precautions and services to adequately provide for all those we come in contact with. By hiring additional staff, we are able to execute a variety of procedures to instill confidence in both customers and employees by adequately sanitizing worksites and helping them to maintain health. These procedures include the robust cleaning of common areas such as tents, breakrooms and turnstiles. Our staff is distributing single-use water bottles to avoid mass amounts of people sharing water jugs and reaching into tubs for water bottles.

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Whitepaper: The Art of Anticipation: Why Accidents Are Preventable

For a long time, I have been fascinated with much of the work surrounding behavior-based safety which espouses that safety compliance is more a matter of culture than it is of training and education. Aubrey Daniels, a recognized thought leader on the topic says, "Organizations often have effective training, appropriate [...]


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Blog: The Right Chemistry in Turnarounds

Years ago, the FRAM filter commercial became a cultural phenomenon of sorts: The contagious tagline that many still use today was, "You can pay me now… or you can pay me later." The commercials depicted auto mechanics who recommended replacing the oil filter now rather than replacing the entire engine later. Even as a kid, that made perfect sense to me. A couple of [...]



News: COVID-19 Update: Onpoint's Commitment to Our Team

As circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve, our mission remains the same: to support our staff. We have a steadfast commitment to focus on the health and safety of our current personnel, as well as ensure employees continue working the same hours as prior to the pandemic. If you have any questions surrounding the actions we are taking to maintain operations, please feel free to contact Timothy Long at tlong@onpoint-us.com or call 713-947-0721.


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