Onpoint Dedicated to Aid in Hurricane Laura Recovery

Last month, Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc and destruction on the state of Louisiana. The deadly and damaging Category 4 Atlantic hurricane is tied with the 1856 Last Island hurricane recorded as the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the state of Louisiana when measured by maximum sustained winds.

In our industry, when we encounter extreme weather conditions, the hard truth is there is nothing we can do to stop Mother Nature. But, we can work proactively and diligently to ensure a plan is in place to quickly combat any damage caused. Following the landfall of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, a chemical plant in Crosby, TX caught fire as a result of extensive flooding exceeding equipment design elevations and causing the plant to lose power, backup power and ultimately disabling the refrigeration system. All people within a 1.5-mile radius were evacuated.

According to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board,

Over the course of the three fires, in excess of 350,000 pounds of organic peroxide combusted. As a result, more than 200 residents living within 1.5 miles of the facility who had evacuated the area could not return home for a week. Figure 1 provides a timeline for the incident events and activities that unfolded at the Arkema Crosby facility as Hurricane Harvey moved through southeast Texas and flooded the site.”

We believe it’s vital to the safety of humanity as well as the maintenance of a project to always have a clear plan of action when recovering from extreme weather. The CSB released a video describing the innate importance of preparing for the many potential safety hazards that follow extreme weather. 

As many continue to recover from consequences left behind by Hurricane Laura, Onpoint Industrial Services continues to express its dedication to lending a helping hand to all of our clientele. We have the ability to quickly staff a large team of trained professionals ready to get facilities cleaned up and running. We’re the independent craft that looks out for you through it all. Visit www.onpoint-us.com to connect with us.

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