Onpoint Reduces Lost Productivity Due to Poor Materials Management

At Onpoint, we believe that experience is the best teacher. For this reason, we consistently leverage our decades of experience to develop innovative solutions for the most common reasons that turnarounds go over budget. Take materials management as an example — anyone who’s been responsible for executing a turnaround recognizes that purchasing, storing and tracking the necessary materials to do the job can be an overwhelmingly difficult piece of the turnaround puzzle.

The negative impact of inefficiently managing your materials directly affects your ability to sustainably predict project schedules and budget outcomes. Did you know that on a single shift of a complex turnaround, one hour and six minutes for each direct labor worker is lost due to poor materials management? Craft workers often spend this time hunting down or waiting for the materials they need to get the job done.

We know the critical role that materials play in any project, and Onpoint’s Materials Management Program applies an innovative approach to increase productivity and reduce project cost by managing the materials process. We’ve seen large-scale, measurable success with this program, and it all begins with implementing the right methodology.

The Methodology Behind Our Program

In developing our materials management methodology, the most important element of the process is sustainability. If you can’t support and repeat the process with each event, allowing for only minor changes, then the process will fail.

One methodology we propose is a rule-driven approach for adaptive relationship development in which rules drive and govern the process. This approach places much-needed guardrails around the materials management process, but also allows for flexibility and adaptive changes when needed.

We also recommend that materials-management should be integrated with a software program used for receiving, tracking and controlling all materials — this way you can all but eliminate the delays associated with needing to look for and hunt down your materials when the time comes to use them.

Onpoint Materials Management Program Overview

With Onpoint’s turnkey materials management solution, we use a documented materials management process that is adjusted specifically for your site requirements. When materials are received, they are organized and stored in a designated secure TAR materials warehouse and, when applicable, are moved to satellite staging areas for installation. Our proprietary software, called TrackPoint, was designed specifically for procuring, tracking, receiving, storing and distributing materials for turnarounds. With our program, you also benefit from a dedicated, qualified and trained materials management team who will generate weekly and/or daily reporting so anyone can track the movement and location of each materials kit at any given time.

There’s no reason to waste valuable craft time due to ineffective and inefficient materials management. Onpoint offers a Materials Management Program that provides the processes, people and technology you need to eliminate your TAR materials loss expense. To learn more about how Onpoint can save you time and money on your next turnaround or capital project, call 1-800-630-1347.

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