Onpoint Industrial Services Bolsters Material Management Program

Onpoint’s Materials Management Program was developed to allow customers to increase efficiency and maximize time on tools. While we’ve experienced incredible success with our current Materials Management Program and TrackPoint software, we’ve decided to go one step further and continue to strengthen this service offering that is critical to successful turnarounds. Here are 3 ways we’re bolstering our Materials Management Program:

  1. Onpoint Adds Vice President of Materials Management to Leadership Team
    What better way to continue the growth of our Materials Management Program than to welcome a veteran Materials Management expert to the team? Following our recent acquisition with Scope Management Solutions, Dean Richardson joined the Onpoint team as our resident subject matter expert for all things Materials Management. His critical role in the company is fixated on our current Materials Management service offerings and discovering the most innovative, effective solutions to increase time on tools. By taking a hands-on approach to consistently research, refine and develop new technology, Dean will keep Onpoint one step ahead of competitors placing us at the forefront of our industry.
  2. New Nested Warehouse Service Offering
    Onpoint is preparing to offer nested warehouse services, including full-time nested employees to best keep plants operational as they work onsite and within the customer’s system, implementing an efficient inventory and replenishment process. We understand that every operation in the warehouse can impact the ability to fill orders –– thus impacting your bottom line. The Onpoint team is committed to keeping warehouses running at maximum efficiency by utilizing space, labor, inventory and equipment to ensure customers have the right amount of inventory to decrease costs and improve accuracy. 
  3. Sharpened TrackPoint Software Tool
    Our proprietary TrackPoint software is enhancing to provide customers with even higher quality technology and processes. We’ve developed this platform to track materials throughout each phase of the project, including the last 100 feet, meaning that after a customer has purchased and received materials for the job, we pick it up for the end-user. Additionally, we’re utilizing a cloud-based barcode technology that is more robust, modern, user-friendly and fit-for-purpose. Our commitment to transparency throughout custody transfer is firm, and we’re continuing to discover ways to keep customers informed at every step of the journey. Plus, we know that not every customer is alike, which is why we don’t have a cookie-cutter system. Rather, we developed a flexible system to best suit each customer and their needs.

Our Materials Management Program has never been stronger. For more information on TrackPoint or any of our turnaround management services, visit onpoint-us.com.

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Onpoint Industrial Services Deemed Essential Business

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