Onpoint Now Offers Industry-leading Ventilation Services

When it comes to selecting ventilation services for your turnaround or capital project, Onpoint Industrial Services is the partner you need. Onpoint now offers industry-leading ventilation services that include climate control and filtration, making spaces safe and comfortable to work in. The integration of ventilation services leads to boosted productivity, increased time on tools and a job well done.

These ventilation services paired with Onpoint’s Safety Services and WatchPoint, a confined space monitoring system, create an unmatched set of offerings to provide quick access, fewer hazards and a more comfortable work environment to customers.

Gain a deeper understanding of Onpoint’s new ventilation services and how you can benefit:

Mechanical Ventilation

Ventilation for confined space work environments can be cumbersome and restrictive due to limitations in size, versatility and the need to schedule work in sequence to maintain air quality. Thanks to subject matter experts with years of experience and research under their belts, Onpoint’s mechanical ventilation systems provide a high-quality solution to these common issues. 

Capturing and Filtering

The capture and filtration of particulates in the air is more complicated than simply blowing air across a filter. There are numerous types of airborne particulates, each with its own characteristics and issues. Capturing and Filtering Services are critical in a ventilation system, as they protect against Combustion Byproducts, Non-explosive Dry Dust, Refractory Dust and much more.

Climate Control

Every member of a workforce prefers to be comfortable when executing their craft, especially when they are involved with complicated or delicate work. This is especially important in a confined space situation as the surrounding environment can have a significant effect not only on a worker’s physical state but also on the mental state. Installing the right confined space ventilation systems is the first step to providing comfort to personnel. The use of climate control technology is a necessary second step and takes all the guesswork out of the process.

Field Support

Selecting and installing the correct confined space ventilation system for your project is only half the job. For successful implementation, the proper field support services are required. At Onpoint, we help you determine the necessary equipment for all your confined space ventilation needs and commit to remaining as your reliable partner post-installation, ensuring the system is functioning properly.

At Onpoint, we believe the correct confined space ventilation system is important for both companies and personnel. Ensure you provide your workforce with a safe and comfortable environment, resulting in more time on tools. For more information, click here or call 866-463-3308.

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