Onpoint Provides Services in Every Aspect of your Turnaround

As the independent craft that looks out for you, Onpoint is devoted to delivering the turnaround services you need in every phase of your project. For capital projects and turnarounds in Texas, Louisiana and across the country, Onpoint is the best partner to ensure you reach a successful completion on time and on budget.

Turnaround Optimization

When it comes to turnaround management, Onpoint offers every service you need to achieve a successful outcome. When examining our turnaround services specific to optimization, we have 6 core offerings proven to save you time and money:

  1. Qualitative Scope Risk Assessment
  2. Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis
  3. Turnaround Readiness Review
  4. Constructability Review
  5. Schedule Quality Check
  6. Post Turnaround Critique

Project Controls Personnel

In addition to turnaround services and management to optimize your project, Onpoint is known as the industry’s #1 choice for specialized flex workforce and support services. We implement our rigorous Employee Qualification and Selection Process (EQSP) to ensure we equip you with highly qualified and experienced professionals for all phases of your turnaround or capital project. Our EQSP simplifies candidate selection, providing the project controls personnel you need when you need them.

Materials Management

A critical element throughout turnarounds is effectively managing materials, as unmanaged materials can be incredibly costly to your bottom line. In order to best serve our clients, we created TrackPoint, our unique approach to receiving, organizing and distributing turnaround materials. With this accurate and structured materials management methodology, you’re given the power to increase your workforce’s productivity and time on tools. Plus, materials that end up lost or unaccounted for result in a hefty bill at the end of a turnaround. Take advantage of our proprietary software tracking tool to achieve optimal materials management.

Turnaround Training

In addition to supporting turnarounds through state-of-the-art software, optimization services and highly skilled employees, we also make a point to compile our extensive industry knowledge into various training courses to best equip turnaround professionals to successfully execute a turnaround. At Onpoint we believe that in addition to understanding how an efficient turnaround is supposed to work, professionals also need to understand the software and technology tools used to plan, execute and track project success. We now offer in-person and online, self-paced training courses, covering a wide range of turnaround topics to improve your team’s performance.

Workforce Transportation

When it comes to transportation, Onpoint has you covered. Our Personnel Busing services are designed to keep your employees and contractors safe and at the worksite on time. Efficient transportation logistics results in increased craft time and a weight lifted off your shoulders when it comes to managing the regulations and liabilities of transporting your workforce. We created a centralized transportation approach including personnel busing to improve safety, boost productivity and help to eliminate management issues when various contractors are responsible for their own transportation. It’s simple –– Safe personnel transportation increases craft time. 

Safety & Logistics

We understand the value of safety in all aspects of a turnaround. We make it a top priority to implement key safety protocol into everything we do, including enhanced site logistics and general safety services. With over 5 million safe man hours and counting, we take pride in keeping our workforce safe, and know that without a doubt, our highly trained personnel continue to drive and implement safety in all aspects of our turnaround. To extend our commitment to safety even farther into the industry, we created WatchPoint, a system strategically designed to monitor multiple confined spaces from a remote, single location. WatchPoint creates a single digital version of the truth, giving owners and managers digital insight into all confined space activity for a turnaround. 

From training and materials management to safety and workforce transportation, Onpoint is the independent craft that looks out for you in all aspects of your turnaround. For more information, visit onpoint-us.com.

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