Onpoint Reflects on the Year 2020

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. But, through a global pandemic, shelter-in-place orders and quarantine restrictions, the team at Onpoint Industrial Services has remained resilient through each challenge faced. As we prepare for a new year ahead, we’d like to take the time to reflect on the many events that strengthened our company and equipped us to continue supporting our clients with innovative solutions tailored to the turnaround industry.

New Headquarters Located in Deer Park

In January 2020, Onpoint officially made the move from its Dayton HQ location to Deer Park. This company-wide expansion allowed for more opportunities in the industry, as Deer Park is central to Houston’s refinery and petrochemical corridor. The decision to relocate was made after an exceptional year of growth in 2019, and we’re proud to say that momentum has not slowed down in 2020!

New Training Facility

Following the transition of Onpoint Headquarters to Deer Park, we completed and opened a new training facility at the Deer Park HQ location. This indoor facility was designed with confined spaces, scaffolding and elevated walkways –– allowing personnel to train without being dependent on weather conditions. 

Onpoint Launched Digital Training Platform

The year 2020 caused many people to rely on technology to stay connected with family, work and complete school. The Onpoint leadership team decided to adapt our industry-leading turnaround training to the digital age by launching our very own digital training platform. Now, turnaround professionals can access training courses from any location at any time. Click here to visit the site.

Onpoint Acquires Two Companies, Expands and Refines Service Offerings

Onpoint recently completed the acquisition of two prominent companies in the turnaround industry: Scope Management Solutions and Innovattive Ventilation Systems, Inc. These acquisitions have expanded Onpoint’s offerings to now include ventilation services, nested warehouse services and a refined Materials Management Program. Click to learn more about Onpoint’s acquisition of Scope Management Solutions and Innovative Ventilation Systems.

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