Did you know that Onpoint is the only turnaround support services company that’s equipped to impact every part of your project? From Project Controls Personnel, Safety Services and Materials Management to Workforce Transportation, Ventilation Services and much more, Onpoint helps your turnaround come in on time and on budget.

Onpoint exists to help you, our valued customer, reach project goals and reap the benefits of working with a turnaround partner that’s unparalleled in the industry. Continue reading to learn how every turnaround service we provide can impact your bottom line.

Turnaround Optimization

At Onpoint, we integrate, augment and extend the turnaround management capabilities of your internal team, approaching your project from an owner’s perspective. We ensure that processes and people are aligned for maximum success by utilizing proven solutions integrated with existing procedures and workflows. This results in a set of custom-designed best practices built to improve readiness and increase turnaround performance.

How Turnaround Optimization benefits you: Turnaround optimization is our core business. We drive successful turnaround performance with processes, tools and experienced personnel, effectively managing your turnaround so you’re free to focus on operating and maintaining your facility.

Project Controls Personnel

We’re the industry’s first choice for a specialized flex workforce and support services for turnarounds and capital projects. When in need of highly-trained professionals, petrochemical companies rely on Onpoint to recruit qualified and capable professionals for all phases of turnaround planning and execution. Our rigorous Employee Qualification and Selection Process (EQSP®) staffs our customers with only the finest personnel.

Trust Onpoint with staffing. We recruit, screen, staff and prepare top-notch industry professionals to successfully execute their craft on your project. Using our SmartStart® Program, we prepare contract employees to hit the ground running on their first day. This equips them to execute their craft effectively and efficiently. After all, Better People = Better Results.

Turnaround Training

Onpoint takes pride in being identified as the top provider of turnaround-specific curriculums in the industry. We develop and deliver site-specific programs, ensuring that your personnel receives fit-for-purpose, comprehensive training. With courses ranging from Fundamentals of Risk Management and Cost Management to Execution Coordinator Training and more, Onpoint’s top-tier curriculum is unmatched in the industry.

Why training your staff with Onpoint is a must: While your workforce needs to understand how an efficient turnaround is supposed to be executed, they also must be familiar with the software and technology tools used to plan, execute and track project success. Onpoint offers specialized training courses online and in-person to prepare your workforce to lead your project to success.

Materials Management for Turnarounds

Our unique Materials Management methodology was developed to increase time on tools, keeping your craftsmen focused solely on their craft. We maintain a one-of-a-kind approach to Materials Management by implementing a strategic process and software tracking tool, TrackPoint, to effectively receive, organize and distribute turnaround materials. 

How do Materials Management and TrackPoint impact your bottom line? A successfully executed Materials Management Program increases your productivity, reduces your costs and lessens craft time delays that occur as a result of poor materials planning and distribution. Plus, TrackPoint allows you to know where every item is stored, or to whom it was last issued at the touch of a button.

Nested Warehouse Services

The Onpoint team executes Nested Warehouse Services by working closely with customers throughout the entire process, including identifying, sourcing and receiving, as well as issuing, invoicing and payment. We’re equipped to aid in inventory control and implementation of continuous process improvements, streamlining the Materials Management program. Our team keeps warehouses running at maximum efficiency by utilizing space, labor, inventory and equipment. By placing an emphasis on these resources, we help customers maintain the correct amount of inventory resulting in decreased costs and improved accuracy. 

You can achieve optimal warehouse processes with Onpoint because we have a clear understanding that every operation in your warehouse will impact your ability to fill orders, thus affecting your bottom line. Your business’s success relies on properly managed materials, which is why Onpoint helps clients streamline processes and fulfill orders with precision and speed.

Workforce Transportation

Onpoint’s centralized Workforce Transportation runs circles around decentralized, contractor-managed transportation. Our Workforce Transportation Service delivers higher efficiency and measurable cost savings all while ensuring the safe transport of your workforce throughout the turnaround or capital project. We only hire experienced drivers, who are fully insured, commercially licensed and thoroughly vetted and trained. Our meticulously maintained commercial fleet is ready to shuttle your workforce to and from the worksite.

Increase craft time and save money with safe personnel transportation. We incorporate efficient logistics into our Workforce Transportation services to increase craft time and save you from managing the regulations and liabilities of transporting your workforce. Additionally, we offer Bus Rental Services to customers that need to transport a small crew of their workforce to and from a job site with a cost-effective and DOT compliant solution.

Safety Services

Our team is well-aware of the significant value safety professionals bring to the worksite. That’s why we remain committed to sourcing the most qualified safety professionals for your projects. The combination of our recruiting services and hands-on training of personnel allows you to focus on the core turnaround activities, trusting us to successfully execute safety services. 

We’re dedicated to sending employees home to their families unharmed after a day’s work. To achieve this goal, we’re driven to implement safety in all aspects of our business to provide you with seamless processes and safety-minded personnel. Currently, we’ve performed more than 6 million safe man hours of work for refineries and petrochemical plants.

Enhanced Site Logistics

We keep your project moving on time while increasing time on tools with Enhanced Site Logistics. When you partner with Onpoint to manage project logistics, you create an efficient facility environment that frees up your time to focus on core, critical path activities. Enhanced Site Logistics improves your overall turnaround and capital project performance.

Comprehensive logistics planning with Onpoint reduces your turnaround cost. Our services begin with the placement of facilities, travel path designation and job site flow. Additionally, we provide critical yet often overlooked services such as ice distribution, water tote services, light equipment fueling and operations, housekeeping, traffic management and more. Don’t occupy your core staff with logistics work. Free up their time and trust Onpoint to execute logistics in an effective and economical manner.


WatchPoint was created to monitor multiple confined spaces from one location, all while recording a single, digital version of the truth. With wireless communication and simplified cabling, the system can be deployed to nearly every confined space in a turnaround event. The WatchPoint system includes fully integrated gas detection, video, audio, badging, alarms and alerts –– all displayed on a single screen and stored in a single digital record.

WatchPoint provides you with a transparent overview, protecting you from a multitude of risks. As turnaround safety professionals, we designed WatchPoint to enhance safety protocols and measures, preventing confined space accidents and protecting your workforce. WatchPoint is the potentially life-saving tool your turnaround needs. 

Ventilation Services

Onpoint provides top-of-the-line Ventilation Services including Mechanical Ventilation, Capturing and Filtering, Climate Control and Field Support. We work diligently to make spaces safe and comfortable for your workforce to execute their craft. Our team firmly believes that the correct confined space ventilation system is crucial for both the company and its personnel.

The integration of ventilation services leads to boosted productivity, increased time on tools and a job well done. Plus, when paired with our Safety Services and WatchPoint, we create an unmatched set of offerings to provide quick access, fewer hazards and a safe work environment. 

To partner with the only Turnaround Management provider that can beneficially impact every part of your turnaround or capital project, give us a call at 866-463-3308.

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