Optimize Site Logistics in the Summer Months with Onpoint


The summer months have arrived, as have an increased amount of turnarounds and projects. Throughout these months, it’s critical to optimize site logistics including drinking water distribution, traffic patterns and strategically placed lunch tents to dramatically increase the efficiency of your turnaround. 

By combating decreased productivity, longer project times, safety hazards and unexpected costs with site logistics, projects and turnarounds are positioned in an optimal place to reach successful completion. Project owners and managers shouldn’t be willing to chance an unnecessary cost simply because they didn’t outsource site logistics

Labor-related services and site logistics are not new to turnarounds, which is why it’s vital to proactively plan for services to best serve your team and boost efficiency. With Onpoint, we take control of the critical components when it comes to enhanced site logistics. We have one goal: to help you achieve success. Our offerings include the staging of lunch tents, wash areas and toilet facilities, parking lot design as well as setting the location of light plants and establishing a flow of foot traffic.

Our comprehensive logistics planning services also include drinking water distribution, flaggers, spotters and escorts, workforce transportation, road/walk maintenance, dust control, trash services, light equipment operators and stormwater prevention. When you choose Onpoint to carry the weight of logistics planning, your project maintains a steady pace and your employees increase their time on tools. 

Summers can be brutal on your workforce. Make sure you provide the best resources to keep them safe, healthy and productive! For more information on enhanced site logistics, visit www.onpoint-us.com or call 866-463-3308.

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