Optimize Turnarounds with Onpoint’s Safety Rental Equipment Program

Our team continually strives to offer innovative resources to customers, and our safety rental equipment program is no exception. There are numerous benefits to leveraging rental equipment throughout turnarounds and capital projects, and safety equipment successfully falls into this category. Renting industrial safety equipment provides the opportunity to save on initial investments and eliminate the cost of ongoing ownership.

In the past, a good portion of the equipment supplied by refineries was either returned damaged or not returned at all. When Onpoint supplies safety rental equipment, our unique systems such as TrackPoint optimize the distribution and receiving process, ultimately saving customers money. Our proprietary software system along with our tools and processes better allow for managing the issuance, tracking and reclamation of rental safety equipment for each shift.

Purchasing your own safety rental equipment requires an additional, unnecessary capital investment. When you rent from Onpoint, however, we manage the inventory and distribution process, keeping total project costs down. And due to our focus on maintaining timelines, our solution positively impacts project managers and employees alike. We scan and track each piece of equipment, which speeds up issuance times, leading to fewer lines and quicker deployment to work areas. Dependable equipment tracking ensures lost or damaged equipment is properly charged to the right place, avoiding excess costs or lost time.

To learn more about our safety rental equipment program and how it can benefit your turnaround or capital project, contact us today at 1-800-630-1347.

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