Past Projects Create a Successful Future

In 2019, Onpoint proudly completed the first of many very large safety services jobs at a refinery in Lake Charles, Louisiana, staffing over 75 Safety Attendants per shift. Following the completion of the project, the customer cited Onpoint as having the best Safety Attendant management they’d seen in a long time.

That emerging success led to ongoing growth and demand for Onpoint’s Safety and Logistics services. Receiving affirmation for a job well done is always welcome, but Onpoint’s staff used that successful project to fuel the company forward. The Onpoint team works daily to further potential clients’ understanding of how Onpoint maximizes time spent on turnarounds in a safe and cost-efficient way. 

Continuing to build upon its already established Workforce Transportation portfolio is a 5-year engagement Onpoint is currently executing in Port Arthur, Texas. In the first full year, Onpoint will provide maintenance as well as capital and turnaround busing, and has already contributed more than 30 buses on the worksite last fall. Onpoint currently has a set of 21 buses that run 5-6 days a week shuttling employees from remote parking lots to job sites as well as throughout the refinery. 

Additionally, Onpoint will provide all of its turnaround busing for these very critical and very large events. During fall turnarounds, Onpoint had an additional 32 buses running alongside its maintenance program. They are expected to have similar numbers operating at the site this spring for another busy turnaround season.  

Onpoint’s Turnaround Management, Workforce Transportation and Safety & Logistics Services are unmatched in the industry. Learn how Onpoint can work for you by calling 866-463-3308.

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