Putting Your People First with Onpoint Industrial Services

As the independent craft that looks out for you, we’re working to navigate COVID-19 to best protect our customers and employees. We’ve implemented thorough precautions and services to adequately provide for all those we come in contact with. By hiring additional staff, we are able to execute a variety of procedures to instill confidence in both customers and employees by adequately sanitizing worksites and helping them to maintain health. These procedures include the robust cleaning of common areas such as tents, breakrooms and turnstiles. Our staff is distributing single-use water bottles to avoid mass amounts of people sharing water jugs and reaching into tubs for water bottles. 

Another large initiative we’ve enacted to protect the health and safety of employees is the enhancement of our popular Workforce Transportation services. We highly recommend that owners be mindful of the situation when determining steps taken by contractors of rented buses. To gain confidence that the correct precautions are being taken, it’s vital to consider converting to a full-service workforce transportation offering in order to solidify safe busing practices. By utilizing Onpoint’s Bus Rental Services, owners increase certainty in safe and hygienic busing practices, as well as employee confidence, which is critical throughout this time. 

Currently, we recommend reducing the maximum headcount on each bus to 20 people, or one passenger per seat. If you’re using Onpoint’s full-service Workforce Transportation, we also have the ability to provide additional buses and decrease the number of passengers occupying each vehicle. 

In addition to keeping your staff safe and healthy, we understand the equal importance of maintaining costs and staying on budget. Our centralized Workforce Transportation services prove to be highly effective and beneficial in numerous ways. For many project owners and managers, transportation may seem like a relatively small expense, when in actuality, costs associated with transportation can accumulate quickly, putting you over budget before having the chance to control it.

Combatting these unnecessary costs and burdens is relatively simple — choose a single, centralized transportation provider. Centralizing transportation gives you the opportunity to establish pricing upfront with a single party, eliminating the dreaded guessing game of what the price on your next bill will be. Making transportation costs another line item on your spreadsheet allows you to efficiently track and forecast transportation costs. Plus, you’re saving money by equipping your team with faster and safer transportation between parking lots, tents and assigned units, increasing a craftsmen’s time on tools.

Our goal at Onpoint is to help your staff stay focused on their craft without interruption and with the highest level of safety and health services in our industry. If you’re looking to provide the best for your staff, contact us at 866-463-3308.

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