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Onpoint White Papers

The Art Of Anticipation: Why Accidents Are Preventable
Techniques To Effectively Manage Turnaround Fatigue
Changing the Turnaround Paradigm
6 Irrefutable Laws Of Turnaround Management
Pitfalls That Cause Tail End Collapses
10 Movable Hurdles For Easier Cost Control
Our Technology Solution For Superior Materials Management: TrackPoint
‘Safety Meeting’ Is An Understatement
Materials Management Part Three
Materials Management Part Two
Materials Management Part One
Getting the Most From Your Flex Workforce
Turnaround Training Can Be Your Competitive Advantage
On Schedule Turnarounds Mean Better Safety Performance
Don’t Be Scared But Turnarounds Are Changing
Enough Expertise To Go Around
The Need for Performance Assessment
The Technology ‘Crutch’
Specialized Skills Are Needed Now More Than Ever
Strategic Planning
Process + People + Technology = Cost Control
Is it People the Process or the Tools?
Overcoming the ‘Murphy’s Law’ of Turnarounds
Just Do It
If You Don’t Care About Earned Income Today, You Will Tomorrow
Learn a Lesson? Set a Standard

Onpoint White Papers

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