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Enhanced Site Logistics

Onpoint’s Enhanced Site Logistics keeps your project moving and increases craft time on tools. Bringing Onpoint in to manage your project logistics creates a more efficient facility environment, so you can focus on your core, critical-path activities. The result is improved turnaround and capital project performance. For logistics consulting, planning, and personnel transportation, make Onpoint your first call.

Onpoint’s Logistics and Labor Services include:

  • Drinking Water Distribution
  • Flaggers, Spotters and Escorts
  • Workforce Transportation
  • Road/Walk Maintenance
  • Dust Control
  • Trash Services
  • Light Equipment Operators
  • Storm Water Prevention

Comprehensive Logistics Planning Reduces Your Turnaround Cost

Onpoint Logistic Services

A clean, well-designed job site is a safe and productive job site. And you need dedicated resources to keep it that way. Onpoint’s logistics services start with the placement of facilities, travel path designation, and job site flow. During the event, Onpoint provides critical, but often overlooked services such as housekeeping, traffic management, ice and water distribution, light equipment fueling and operations, and much more. Additionally, we’ve successfully executed over 2.8 million contractor transports for turnarounds and capital projects. Your core staff has important tasks to perform that require high-level performance. Don’t bog them down with logistics work that Onpoint can execute more effectively and economically.

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Onpoint Industrial Services Deemed Essential Business

Onpoint Industrial Services is considered an essential business under the recently issued Stay-at-Home order. Onpoint will continue to serve our customers, but with heightened precautions and protocols protecting the health of our employees.

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