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Onpoint’s Logistics and Labor Services include:

  • Drinking Water Distribution
  • Flaggers, Spotters and Escorts
  • Workforce Transportation
  • Road/Walk Maintenance
  • Dust Control
  • Trash Services
  • Light Equipment Operators
  • Storm Water Prevention

Comprehensive Logistics Planning Reduces Your Turnaround Cost

Onpoint Logistic Services

We offer a variety of labor-related services that are essential in any turnaround, but are performed on an as-needed basis. For example, plant operations such as drinking water distribution, trash, road maintenance, parking lot design and equipment operators are all services we can perform. Additionally, we’ve successfully executed over 2.8 million contractor transports and movements for turnarounds and capital projects. Your core staff has important tasks to perform that require high level performance. Don’t bog them down with logistics work that Onpoint can execute more effectively and economically.

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