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Materials Management for Turnarounds

Increase Time on Tools with a Materials Management Program Designed for Turnarounds

Onpoint is dedicated to developing solutions to the most common and most costly problems turnaround managers face. Our one-of-a-kind approach to Materials Management implements a strategic process and software tracking tool, TrackPoint, to effectively receive, organize and distribute turnaround materials. A successfully executed Materials Management Program increases an organization’s productivity, reduces costs and lessens craft time delays that occur as a result of poor materials planning and distribution.

Our approach to Materials Management for turnarounds incorporates qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technology systems, a strictly regulated safety program and customer-based solutions to ensure clients have control over their materials. This approach helps to decrease the cost of inventory, increase item availability, and streamline processes––freeing up valuable personnel resources to be dedicated to their craft.

The Onpoint team works closely with customers to properly evaluate and understand their priorities when it comes to Materials Management. Our dedication to transparency is displayed through continuous reports, analytics and real-time tracking of materials. We provide accurate reports and analytics, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their materials management systems. This is just another example of how Onpoint is the independent craft that looks out for you.

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