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Finding, Qualifying and Providing the Most Qualified Personnel

The founders of Onpoint worked on your side of the desk for decades. This industry knowledge has led to a improved approach to finding, qualifying and providing the most qualified personnel. Better People = Better Results.

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Our EQSP® Simplifies Candidate Selection

Onpoint’s proven EQSP® (Employee Qualification Selection Process) is used to assess a candidate’s technical and soft skills, availability and past experience.

This results in a better match of qualified candidates to your job-specific requirements.

  • A rigorous and reliable qualifying process
  • Candidates that meet your specific job requirements
  • Streamlined and systematic hiring and on-boarding process
  • Resumes only from candidates that are currently available for your assignment.

The WorkSmart® Program Enhances Employee Performance

Onpoint’s innovative WorkSmart® program provides customers with a higher level of performance from the people placed in their facilities. WorkSmart® is made up of two components – SmartStart® and SmartTrack®. Combined, these provide more prepared and work-ready employees and greater reporting for our customers.

 SmartStart® Program

  • Contract employees hit the ground running on their first day
  • Site-specific training ensure that employees are familiar with your processes and systems – before they arrive at your facility

 SmartTrack® System

  • Proprietary system allows employees to enter assigned work scope and progress
  • Weekly reports make it easy for you to monitor and forecast completion dates