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Safety & Logistics

We provide safety resources that deliver. Through strategies including Safety Services, Enhanced Site Logistics and our remote confined space monitoring system, WatchPoint, we place a continued emphasis on the importance of safety in turnarounds. From safety-centered technology to highly trained personnel, Onpoint is the ideal choice for Safety and Logistics.

Safety Services

Onpoint knows the value safety professionals bring, which is why we are committed to sourcing the most qualified safety professionals for projects of all sizes.

WatchPoint was created to monitor multiple confined spaces from a single, remote location. This system provides increased visibility, transparency and control, creating a single digital record of all confined space activity for turnarounds.

In an effort to increase TAR efficiency, Onpoint created TrackPoint, our custom software system designed specifically for tracking materials and rental equipment for turnarounds.

Enhanced Site Logistics

Onpoint’s Enhanced Site Logistics keeps your project moving and increases craft time on tools. Bringing Onpoint in to manage your project logistics creates a more efficient facility environment, so you can focus on your core, critical-path activities.

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