Keeping track of materials and safety rental gear during a turnaround is a real challenge. Paper and spreadsheets simply cannot keep up. Onpoint developed TrackPoint, our digital custody transfer tool to solve this problem. Now you know where every item is stored, or to whom it was issued at the touch of a button.

Trackpoint for Superior Materials Management

Our proprietary TrackPoint software and processes ensure that every material movement is tracked from receipt through kitting, staging and distribution. We crafted an intrinsically safe barcode scanner for use in process areas, providing real-time tracking tied to BOM/Job Package/PO. TrackPoint utilizes 3-shift look ahead to proactively stage and distribute materials as needed.

TrackPoint for Zero Lost Safety Gear

Every harness, respirator, monitor and radio is issued and returned using the TrackPoint digital scanning system, allowing us to provide transparency to contractors and owners on the status of rental equipment. This ensures that all distributed equipment is properly returned and accounted for.


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