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In addition to understanding how an efficient turnaround is supposed to work, you also need to understand the software and technology tools that are used to plan, execute and track project success.

Onpoint offers turnaround-specific training at our Houston Training Center or on-site at your facility. We also can customize classes for your specific processes and standards.

Find out about specialized training courses to improve your team’s performance.

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Fundamentals of Turnaround Mgmt.
Primavera P6 v. 16 Software Training
Execution Coordinator Training Course
MCI Forecaster Cost Tracking Software

Fundamentals of Turnaround Management Open Enrollment Classes

Our Fundamentals program is a five day program held at the Onpoint Training Center in Houston, Texas throughout the year. Fundamentals of Turnaround Management is the foundational course in the Onpoint Training program and is the industry standard for turnaround professionals. Click below to learn more.

Utilizing Primavera For Turnarounds Open Enrollment Classes

Utilizing Primavera for Turnarounds is our industry leading five day training course for becoming an effective user of Primavera specifically for turnarounds. The new P6 v 16 course is now available and open enrollment classes are available throughout the year at the Onpoint Training Center in Houston, Texas. Click below to learn more.

MCI Forecaster Software Training Open Enrollment Classes

MCI Forecaster is the industry-leading cost training program offered by Onpoint. Open enrollment classes will take place at our Training Center in Houston, Texas. This program is a must for any scheduler, planner or planner/scheduler involved in turnarounds. Click below to learn more.

  • MCI Forecaster Cost Tracking Software Training Course – September

Turnaround Execution Coordinator Training Course Open Enrollment Classes

The newest course from Onpoint, the leader in turnaround specific training, is for Execution Coordinators. The value of Execution Coordinators in turnarounds and capital projects is higher than ever before. Learn industry best practices for coordinating tasks and projects for turnarounds and executing a successful turnaround in this new training course. Click below to learn more.