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Ventilation Services

Increase Confined Space Safety with Ventilation Services

As the independent craft that looks out for you, Onpoint is expanding our service offerings to ensure that we provide all resources necessary to safely and effectively execute turnarounds and capital projects. In addition to WatchPoint, our confined space monitoring system, we provide top-of-the-line ventilation services, making Onpoint your partner to ensure all confined space work is completed safely and efficiently.

Onpoint’s confined space ventilation services offer these crucial benefits:

  • Craftsmen can perform their tasks without the need for fresh air
  • Improved visibility
  • Healthier environment
  • More craftsmen performing work in a single space (simultaneous operations)
  • Results in reduced critical path timelines

Every employer utilizing personnel in a confined space is responsible for the welfare of their workforce and environmental impacts. Our confined space ventilation experts are prepared to evaluate your needs and develop a cost-effective solution for your project allowing Onpoint’s ventilation staff and expert on site installation technicians to install and maintain the ventilation equipment resulting in a successful ventilation service delivery.

Mechanical Ventilation

Onpoint combines both general ventilation for the complete space as well as local “at source” ventilation to ensure a complete ventilation solution.

Capturing and Filtering

Capturing and filtering both dust particles and hazardous fumes is important to ensure the safety and health of your confined space workforce and OSHA compliance.

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