Workforce Transportation

During maintenance turnarounds, industrial plants are stretched well beyond capacity, accommodating hundreds, possibly thousands of additional craft workers than in normal operations.


Onpoint's Workforce Transportation service delivers higher efficiency and measurable cost savings, while ensuring the safe transport of all workers throughout your turnaround. Our experienced drivers are fully insured, commercially licensed, and thoroughly vetted and trained. Our commercial fleet is meticulously maintained and ready to shuttle your workforce to and form the worksite.


Learn How A Texas Refinery Saved $2.1 Million  with Onpoint Workforce Transportation

Onpoint’s centralized Workforce Transportation runs circles around decentralized, contractor-managed transportation.

  • Full insurance coverage for every passenger in every seat
  • Commercially-licensed, professional drivers, with clear DMV records
  • Increased contractor time-on-tools
  • Continuous shuttle service for all workers
  • Optimized traffic flows, reduced vehicles & minimized traffic congestion
  • Greater pedestrian safety & reduced foot traffic
  • Coordinated early-outs
  • Single point of contact for all worker transport logistics
  • Coordinated, predictable billing