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Safe Personnel Transportation Increases Time on Tools

Onpoint’s Personnel Busing services keep your employees and contractors safe and on time. Efficient logistics increase time on tools, and save you from managing the regulations and liabilities of transporting your workforce. Our centralized approach improves safety, increases efficiency, and helps to eliminate management issues related to multiple contractors providing their own transportation.

Transportation Services

  • Employee and personnel busing
  • Air conditioned and non-air conditioned passenger buses
  • Shuttle buses
  • Passenger vans
  • Bus and passenger van rental

Onpoint’s centralized Workforce Transportation runs circles around decentralized, contractor-managed transportation.

  • Full insurance coverage for every passenger in every seat
  • Commercially-licensed, professional drivers, with clear DMV records
  • Increased contractor time-on-tools
  • Continuous shuttle service for all workers
  • Optimized traffic flows, reduced vehicles & minimized traffic congestion
  • Parking lot layout design
  • Greater pedestrian safety & reduced foot traffic
  • Coordinated early-outs
  • Single point of contact for all worker transport logistics
  • Coordinated, predictable billing

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