Staying Ahead of the Consolidation Curve

Taking a bird’s-eye view of the macroeconomic environment, we’ve seen mass consolidation through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) across a variety of industries. For those of us who occupy space in the refining, petrochemical and plant-based operations sectors, we understand how strategic consolidation and the diversification of service options can provide increased value to our clients.

It only makes sense. If you can work with one company to provide a myriad of services effectively and economically, then you increase efficiency and decrease stress. One point of contact, one contract and one go-to provider to get all the project critical services you need that are outside your team’s core competencies is ideal.

At Onpoint Industrial Services, we always aim to stay ahead of the curve. This is why over the past few years we have made investments in people, infrastructure and support, allowing us to gain ground and continue to lead the industry in turnaround optimization, personnel safety, transportation and more. Onpoint now offers our clients a range of complementary services and technologies, which will allow us to bolster our impact on the success of your projects.

Here is a break-down of our diverse service offerings:

Turnaround Optimization Program — We can support you at all levels. In some phase of the project you take primary responsibility with us in a supporting role. In other scenarios, we take primary responsibility with your support. Our integrated services model is designed to support a “one-team” environment.

Project Controls Personnel — Because your time is valuable, we have streamlined systems that make it easy for you to get the people you need when you need them. Your personal account manager will work with you every step of the way, before and after placement.

Workforce Transportation Services — Providing the support services and infrastructure for successful projects is where Onpoint separates itself. From personnel transportation, general labor, site cleanup, planning and coordination, Onpoint should be your first call.

Safety Services — Onpoint provides certified safety professionals, safety attendant services and safety equipment rental services. Making sure everyone gets home safe is a priority at Onpoint.

Turnaround Training & Support Services — Onpoint is the leading provider of turnaround specific training, site-specific on-boarding and employee performance tracking via our WorkSmart Program.

Facility Support Services — Onpoint is also the go-to provider of ongoing and nested facility support services including pest control, parking lot striping, landscaping and water service. Look to us to help your refinery run at peak performance.

As you plan for your next capital project or turnaround, Onpoint provides you with a clear advantage — we are a one-stop-shop for your many needs throughout the project life cycle. Onpoint frees up your people to focus on what they do best while we execute services to support your project’s success. Because of our commitment to innovation, Onpoint possesses the talent, organizational framework, systems, processes and expertise to continuously adapt to the changing economic environment, providing our clients with the best outcomes, every time.

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